Proof of Delivery Performance
Carrier Proof of Delivery is a key to running your business.

Your clients will judge you on your ability to get the goods to their front door. Telling them you despatched it on the same day is useless if the delivery takes days longer that it should.

You cannot know what your real performance is until you have built in the delivery component.

We provide analysis that can give you a true indication of your performance.

Proof of Delivery Performance
you are judged on your carrier's performance

Our Proof of Delivery Performance analysis can provide a true processing time line from Order entry to Proof of Delivery availablity.

We combine data from your core systems and the carrier's systems to provide a true analysis of your processing cycle.

Milestones are established and KPI's set. Our analysis and tools will show you orders outside set KPI's. The analysis can show processing delays and irregularities along with delivery performance failures.


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Proof of Delivery Performance
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