What is tdX?
tdX - the Data Exchange is a small group of analysts with extensive experience in the Australian transport industry.

We have been providing solutions for this industry for over 20 years and have had comprehensive exposure to all aspects of the process from Pick management to Proof of Delivery verification and all aspects in-between.

Our strength is our ability to analyse a clients requirements and provide intuitive, concise and solutions.

What is tdX?
We are business analysts with extensive specialist knowledge of the transport industry.

Our system development capabilities allow us to create solutions specifically to the client's unique requirements.

The tools we create are used to provide our clients with industry leading analysis which allows them to make informed decisions.

What we are not:
Brokers - freight brokers locate carriers and negotiate rates. They make a margin between the price you pay and what they pay.
Freight Managers - similar to brokers but they provide all your customer service needs creating a one-stop service shop for all your freight.

What we do very well.
Is to provide you, our client, with the tools, the analysis and the ability to do what you need to do.
Know your carrier bills are correct.
Know your service levels are reached.
Know your costs are kept to a minimum.

We Make Knowing Simple

Solutions and Services

Consignment Note Generator
Carrier Cost Hawk
Delivery Management Assistant
Proof of Delivery Performance
Carrier Rate Comparison

You can contact Grahame Williams on 0422 199 403 or

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