What is Delivery Management?
The monitoring, management and benchmarking of the delivery after despatch from your warehouse.

Improve your Customer Service. Delivery Management provides true transparency to the delivery process. Multiple carriers, full details, single process to link to all Proof of Deliveries.

Improve client satisfaction. KPI and progress monitoring allows you to find the issues before your client tells you about them.

Improve your bottom line. Proof of Delivery monitoring helps with collection of you rinvoices by proving the goods got delivered and showing what may not have.

What is Delivery Management?

Most businesses have had to accept that all their controls disappear into a hole after dispatch of the goods.

This hole has as much if not more impact on your client satisfaction level than every other part of your business.

Produce a good product, sell it well, but don't deliver it and the rest is just money down the drain. Delivery Management solutions put a spotlight in the hole and can fill it.

Many carriers have established systems that let you monitor your freight progress, give access to Proof of Delivery images and manage your account. These systems are used to bind you to the carrier.

The Data Exchange has The Delivery Management Assistant ( DMA ) to remove the bindings and provide you with visibility over your entire delivery process and related costs.

Key Features:
Invoice checking - recalculate the carriers' invoice
Proof of Delivery availability - show missing POD's
Costing at despatch - allows accruals
Customer service - one site to link to all carriers
Delivery progress - highlight missing items
Issue recording - logs all issues for management
Client & Group analysis - shows what a client costs

Solutions and Services

Consignment Note Generator
Carrier Cost Hawk
Delivery Management Assistant
Proof of Delivery Performance
Carrier Rate Comparison

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