Why talk about Cash Flow?
Your ability to collect your invoice will be dependant on many things. One of the major issues is proving the goods got delivered and so should be paid for.

A Proof of Delivery copy from the carrier takes time to get and delays the collection of your invoice.

A real key is to make sure you have the POD before trying to collect your invoice.

Why talk about Cash Flow?

Weeks after the sale is made and goods have been despatched it is time to collect the money. Your accounts department runs into the first excuse “Didn’t get the goods, we need a Proof of Delivery”.

So begins the tedious and expensive task of locating the Proof of Delivery. Weeks later your cash flow has suffered, you can’t locate the POD and you end up having to write off the invoice.

The cost is mounting and your profit is falling.

Having the tools to make sure the goods got delivered on time and being able to prove the delivery will improve your cash flow and your bottom line.

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Consignment Note Generator
Carrier Cost Hawk
Delivery Management Assistant
Proof of Delivery Performance
Carrier Rate Comparison

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