Missing POD affects my bottom line?
Just some of the costs of a missing POD...

*Value of invoice
*Cost of the goods
*Handling costs
*Original delivery charge
*Redelivery charge
*Damaged customer relationship
*Customers lost sale
*Impact on customer product loyalty
*Cash flow costs
*Recovery costs.

It's a lot more expensive than it appears

Missing POD affects my bottom line?

Weeks after the sale is made and goods have been despatched it is time to collect the money. Your accounts department runs into the first excuse “Didn’t get the goods, we need a Proof of Delivery”.

So begins the tedious and expensive task of locating the Proof of Delivery. Weeks later your cash flow has suffered, you can’t locate the POD and you end up having to write off the invoice.

The cost is mounting and your profit is falling.
The Delivery Management Assistant ( DMA ) keeps track of the POD’s the carriers say they have and highlights the missing ones. Once your customer service or accounts people know what to look for they can approach the carrier within days to get the Proof of Delivery. Management by exception is the key.

Save effort
Save time
Reduce delays
Improve cash flow
Get healthier bottom line

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Consignment Note Generator
Carrier Cost Hawk
Delivery Management Assistant
Proof of Delivery Performance
Carrier Rate Comparison

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